gingham for days

gingham is a great way to spice up an outfit! if you are ever looking for a solid casual outfit, add some gingham to your day. a good oxford is always a great staple item, but you can have way more fun than that when it comes to gingham! try a skirt, flats, blazer, even a bag! there are no limits to fashion!

gingham has been around for a very long time. it is really interesting to see how much patterns have evolved over the years & the different things gingham is being used for.

the go-to store for gingham (in my opinion) has to be j. crew. i love their classic take on my favorite pattern, but i also love their different take on it!

classic button up:

navy gingham//red gingham

pants & shorts:

gingham pants (also in pink)//gingham shorts

blazers & cardigans:

gingham cardigan//gingham blazer (also in pink)


gingham rashguard//gingham one piece (also in pink)

rompers & skirts:

gingham skirt//gingham romper


gingham ballet flats//gingham lace-ups

thanks for stopping by, this has been oh, so fun!

xoxo, mia

p.s. check out the gingham index from j. crew’s blog!


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