back to life, back to reality, back to school

first of all i want to say sorry for not posting in so long! with so much time away from the screen, there is has been loads of inspiration & ideas surrounding me!

of course the thought of back to school is freightning. anyone who says it isn’t must be lying. no more long days, no more movies, no more sun, no more relaxation. more books, more highlighters, more late nights & early mornings. i feel as if summer is slipping away from my fingertips. where has the time gone?

as much as i love summer, i have to say i love school more. i like knowing that i have a place to go & i will always have something to do. as excited as i am for school to start again, i am becoming more anxious the closer & closer we get to the date.

what always cheers me up is thinking about my classes & sometimes even the uniforms! what about binders? how about new pens? & of course the planner! get yourself excited & your entire mentality will change.


lilly agenda//kate spade journal//kate spade agenda//lilly agenda

the kate spade journal has got to be my favorite from the bunch! i’ve been wanting to buy it for some time now, but haven’t gotten to it. the runner-up in kate spade journals is a lovely yellow one.

i wish you all of the best of luck in the upcoming school year!

xoxo, mia


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