fall y’all

crisp orange leaves scattered across the grounds of school. coffee in everyone’s hands. the aroma of freshly baked apple pie rising in the air. last minute studying in the quad. picking up a good read & a cable knit blanket. late night candy corn runs. this is fall & it is here.

happy fall y’all! isn’t just the best? talk about the amazing weather & changing leaves, ahh, I love it all! i wish fall would last forever!

xoxo, mia


falling for the weather

the temperature finally broke 80 degrees. about time, it’s almost NOVEMBER! wow, until i typed that i hadn’t realized just how close christmas is (yay!)! with the weather being comfortable & enjoyable this can only mean one thing… fall!

fall has to be my favorite season. leaves falling, weekend reading by the fireplace, pumpkin picking, riding boots, apple orchards, halloween movie marathons, & pumpkin spice everything!

soon, i will be posting on some of my favorite fall inspiration, but for now just a few fun twists on your classic coat!

just to tickle your fancy a dress & a super cute sweater!

be back soon for some more fall-tastic posts!

xoxo, mia

september style guide

j. crew has the most impeccable style guides & this september’s is no exception.

think leopard, oxfords, plaid, trenches, flats, & the best pops of colors! i think i might actually be obsessing over this round-up. some of my favorite things on one list, who knew it was possible?

anywho, this is the perfect collection: it captures the essence of fall with everything you love about summer. not to mention their adorable crew cuts collection for the kiddos!

i rounded up a few of my favorites from the style guide, which i might add was extremely hard due to the fact that i loved it all!

from the original round-up picture with the varsity sweater, to the adorable crew cuts, then the amazing embodiment of fall shots, to the perfect ruffles & pink gingham, & last but not least the “think pink” mentality, j. crew has the best september yet to come!

xoxo, mia

winter coats, anybody?

i feel that the best time to stock up on winter coats is the summer. although you may be loathing the idea of the cold & rigid season, now is the best time to embrace the winter.

i love a classic trench & below are some fun twists:

my favorite color hands-down has to be emerald. i’m loving the pop of color these two coats give their outfits!

everyone needs a good & sturdy navy coat, it is an absolute must & transitions easily between fall, winter & then early spring.

during the winter i find it very simple to have one really good coat that is your go-to for anything & everything. that’s totally fine! coats tend to be pretty pricey & usually not great quality unless you are willing to splurge. so if you have one coat, keep it well-maintained & have fun with your outfit–don’t be afraid to change it up!

love this classic trench  from zara

another trench option from j. crew

this navy pea coat from old navy

this navy pea coat from l.l. bean

good luck on your coat excursion!

xoxo, mia.


being that it is summer currently, i find myself surrounded with skirts & dresses & shorts & shirts. don’t get me wrong, i love this season–it’s just not my favorite. i prefer winter & fall, because there is more flexibility in expressing yourself through your clothes. think about it: you can layer oxfords under sweaters, sweaters under cardigans, and cardigans under that beautiful new navy pea coat you bought while you were “window shopping.”

loving this easy fall outfit: gingham oxford, navy pants, light trench & leopard flats

plaid is one of the many reasons i love fall & in this combination the bold colors really do pop

this yellow pea coat paired with a bumble bee cricket sweater is a killer combo perfect for a chilly day

pairing jeans & a sweater with a statement coat, these new yorkers know how to do a casual fall look

fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Coco Chanel

although i am not too fond of humidity & blazing hot days with lows of 99, i have to say i am enjoying the time of leisure. picking up a good read, sleeping in late, & catching up with friends are the best parts of summer!

as much as i am lamenting over winter, i have to say summer is by far one of the easier seasons, which can be good & bad. you can easily go through your closet & pull out a dress & grab a pair of sandals & head straight out of the door. or, you could be sitting in your closet starring at the pieces of clothing wondering, “how in the world am i going to walk outside looking confident in those shorts from 3 years ago?”

these are two very different scenarios, but i face both on a weekly basis. i either know exactly what i am wearing, or i don’t. i think the trick to a good summer outfit is being bold & not afraid to mix & match. try the eyelet skirt with gingham, wear the shorts that are older than you would like to admit, & don’t be afraid to combine an outfit of a $30 dress with the $300 shoes. so, go for it, be courageous & remember you are dressing for you & nobody else!

xoxo, mia