get down & study

can you believe it, november is almost over. it’s one of those months that just flies right past you. i feel like i was just flipping over the calendar to a new month and suddenly it is thanksgiving break! with the month wrapping up, that time of year is fast approaching… midterms, sigh. although, i hate to say (or type) it, it is the reality i am forced to face.


here are a few tricks of the trade on how to survive the season of testing:

first off, get excited. that might sound strange, but really do try. glance at your notes and tests to really appreciate how far you have come. get inspired by looking on pinterest (who doesn’t fantasize about frame worthy notes?).

secondly, get motivated. buy some pens & highlighters to add an extra sparkle to your studying. it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun during this chaotic time. make a playlist to stay in the zone. personally, i can’t study with music that has lyrics playing, so i listen to a playlist without words. make a little study nook. create an atmosphere where you can comfortably study and not feel tortured by the process.

thirdly, make sure to stay organized throughout the exams. the last thing anyone would want is having papers all over the floor or not being able to find the notes on glycolysis. prevent any excess stress by staying organized. this means having a planner with all of the dates of the exams. i also mark down when to begin studying for certain areas. it is important to pull aside any tests, notes, slides, or study guides that might be useful in studying and put them in a designated midterms binder or folder.

fourthly, go over the basics to see what you remember. highlight (or write down) what you don’t know or kind of sort of remember, so you can later go back and study more in depth. if you don’t understand a concept or can’t connect the dots ASK FOR HELP. don’t be afraid to seek out assistance. ask a friend (or multiple) or ask a teacher, what ever floats your boat.

lastly, try not to freak yourself out. if you prepare & study hard, there should be nothing to worry about. remember to take a deep breath, because YOU’VE GOT THIS!

p.s. i love carly’s study tips (here & here). they are so helpful, i especially love the note card trick. i really think it helps in completing daily tasks.

xoxo, mia


fall y’all

crisp orange leaves scattered across the grounds of school. coffee in everyone’s hands. the aroma of freshly baked apple pie rising in the air. last minute studying in the quad. picking up a good read & a cable knit blanket. late night candy corn runs. this is fall & it is here.

happy fall y’all! isn’t just the best? talk about the amazing weather & changing leaves, ahh, I love it all! i wish fall would last forever!

xoxo, mia

back to life, back to reality, back to school

first of all i want to say sorry for not posting in so long! with so much time away from the screen, there is has been loads of inspiration & ideas surrounding me!

of course the thought of back to school is freightning. anyone who says it isn’t must be lying. no more long days, no more movies, no more sun, no more relaxation. more books, more highlighters, more late nights & early mornings. i feel as if summer is slipping away from my fingertips. where has the time gone?

as much as i love summer, i have to say i love school more. i like knowing that i have a place to go & i will always have something to do. as excited as i am for school to start again, i am becoming more anxious the closer & closer we get to the date.

what always cheers me up is thinking about my classes & sometimes even the uniforms! what about binders? how about new pens? & of course the planner! get yourself excited & your entire mentality will change.


lilly agenda//kate spade journal//kate spade agenda//lilly agenda

the kate spade journal has got to be my favorite from the bunch! i’ve been wanting to buy it for some time now, but haven’t gotten to it. the runner-up in kate spade journals is a lovely yellow one.

i wish you all of the best of luck in the upcoming school year!

xoxo, mia