the time is now 3:40 a.m. on an early saturday morning. i lay awake with thoughts fluttering through my mind–what a time to be alive.

so much has happened since my almost-four-month hiatus from blogging. from the women’s march to fashion month, what can i say… i feel inspired.

here’s my spring mood board, enjoy!


spring 2017


xoxo, mia

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fall y’all

crisp orange leaves scattered across the grounds of school. coffee in everyone’s hands. the aroma of freshly baked apple pie rising in the air. last minute studying in the quad. picking up a good read & a cable knit blanket. late night candy corn runs. this is fall & it is here.

happy fall y’all! isn’t just the best? talk about the amazing weather & changing leaves, ahh, I love it all! i wish fall would last forever!

xoxo, mia

falling for the weather

the temperature finally broke 80 degrees. about time, it’s almost NOVEMBER! wow, until i typed that i hadn’t realized just how close christmas is (yay!)! with the weather being comfortable & enjoyable this can only mean one thing… fall!

fall has to be my favorite season. leaves falling, weekend reading by the fireplace, pumpkin picking, riding boots, apple orchards, halloween movie marathons, & pumpkin spice everything!

soon, i will be posting on some of my favorite fall inspiration, but for now just a few fun twists on your classic coat!

just to tickle your fancy a dress & a super cute sweater!

be back soon for some more fall-tastic posts!

xoxo, mia

tory burch fashion week

sorry it has been so long! i was meaning to post during fashion week, but the timing for me was not great–better late than never, right? anywho, after fashion week came to a close my all time favorite show was tory burch’s. so much color & fun touches in the detail of her clothes always make me so excited!

this year’s show was especially good as the theme was “east coast meets west coast.” it took your classic preppy look & added a nautical californian twist. personally, i loved it! the balance was superb & i am still obsessing over her use of color.

starting with my favorite: kelly green!

i loved her cardigan! the blush pink bordering was just too perfect!

now onto the orange!

i loved the orange skirt & white sweater outfit, but my favorite out of the 3 would have to be the bow dress tory herself is wearing!

keep your eyes out for some more posts!

xoxo, mia

september style guide

j. crew has the most impeccable style guides & this september’s is no exception.

think leopard, oxfords, plaid, trenches, flats, & the best pops of colors! i think i might actually be obsessing over this round-up. some of my favorite things on one list, who knew it was possible?

anywho, this is the perfect collection: it captures the essence of fall with everything you love about summer. not to mention their adorable crew cuts collection for the kiddos!

i rounded up a few of my favorites from the style guide, which i might add was extremely hard due to the fact that i loved it all!

from the original round-up picture with the varsity sweater, to the adorable crew cuts, then the amazing embodiment of fall shots, to the perfect ruffles & pink gingham, & last but not least the “think pink” mentality, j. crew has the best september yet to come!

xoxo, mia

back to life, back to reality, back to school

first of all i want to say sorry for not posting in so long! with so much time away from the screen, there is has been loads of inspiration & ideas surrounding me!

of course the thought of back to school is freightning. anyone who says it isn’t must be lying. no more long days, no more movies, no more sun, no more relaxation. more books, more highlighters, more late nights & early mornings. i feel as if summer is slipping away from my fingertips. where has the time gone?

as much as i love summer, i have to say i love school more. i like knowing that i have a place to go & i will always have something to do. as excited as i am for school to start again, i am becoming more anxious the closer & closer we get to the date.

what always cheers me up is thinking about my classes & sometimes even the uniforms! what about binders? how about new pens? & of course the planner! get yourself excited & your entire mentality will change.


lilly agenda//kate spade journal//kate spade agenda//lilly agenda

the kate spade journal has got to be my favorite from the bunch! i’ve been wanting to buy it for some time now, but haven’t gotten to it. the runner-up in kate spade journals is a lovely yellow one.

i wish you all of the best of luck in the upcoming school year!

xoxo, mia

gingham for days

gingham is a great way to spice up an outfit! if you are ever looking for a solid casual outfit, add some gingham to your day. a good oxford is always a great staple item, but you can have way more fun than that when it comes to gingham! try a skirt, flats, blazer, even a bag! there are no limits to fashion!

gingham has been around for a very long time. it is really interesting to see how much patterns have evolved over the years & the different things gingham is being used for.

the go-to store for gingham (in my opinion) has to be j. crew. i love their classic take on my favorite pattern, but i also love their different take on it!

classic button up:

navy gingham//red gingham

pants & shorts:

gingham pants (also in pink)//gingham shorts

blazers & cardigans:

gingham cardigan//gingham blazer (also in pink)


gingham rashguard//gingham one piece (also in pink)

rompers & skirts:

gingham skirt//gingham romper


gingham ballet flats//gingham lace-ups

thanks for stopping by, this has been oh, so fun!

xoxo, mia

p.s. check out the gingham index from j. crew’s blog!

summer lovin’ had me a blast

as promised, a summer post! i hope you didn’t get the wrong idea about how i feel about summer, i actually love it. it’s the dreadful scorching temperatures of 109 degrees that i dislike.

summer has so much potential, you can dress down, you can dress up, either way there is room for comfort in both!

i find that my go to outfit this summer has been a j. crew ruffle oxford (which they finally brought back!) with either a pair of jeans or a skirt & a great pair of shoes to really steal the spotlight.

a trend i feel very iffy about right now are off-the-shoulder dresses & tops. i am not sure if i like them or if i don’t. overall, i think i may think they look good on some other people, i just think it might be a stretch for me. but one that definitely isn’t would be shirt dresses. i love the overall concept of them & it is easy enough to put on & still look put together.

kate spade shirt dress//j. crew off-the-shoulder

stripes have always been a fan favorite of mine, & i find it very easy in the summer time to reach for a good stripe & bottom & leave the house just like that. below are both a classic take on the stripe shirt & a fun twist!

j. crew striped ruffle top (similar)//j. crew striped top

that’s all for me today! catch you on the flip side!

xoxo, mia